• Ashley Turner

Showing up for yourself + finding rest

How are you showing up for yourself these days? I was asked this question amongst a group of people not too long ago, and It stopped me in my tracks a bit. I really had to think about it. I’d like to think I do a pretty good job of supporting and showing up for others, but I struggle with giving myself this same attention and care.

I think showing up for ourselves is essential to our self-care routine, and it’s something we have to be truly intentional about. Ask yourself, what do I need from me? What am I lacking or need more of? I’m still trying to figure out how to best answer these questions myself, but I’ve come up with some practical ways we all can lean into our needs to better show up for ourselves every single day.

Check in with yourself, your thoughts + emotions How are you doing, really? Tap into those feelings, listen to your body, and most importantly, don’t ignore it. Maybe you’re feeling extremely tired, or you’ve been holding onto some emotions and it’s time to release them. Acknowledge those feelings, then think about what you can do to help you feel better right now. My usual response is to cry it out... I can’t believe I’m admitting this out loud, but hey I’m not ashamed about it. I tend to hold onto feelings far too long than I need to, so when I get to a place of exhaustion or being overwhelmed, a good cry and release of those emotions always makes me feel better.

Do something that brings you joy

I’m trying my best to find the simplest things that make me happy by doing something that brings me joy every day. Going on walks with my family, cooking a new recipe, buying myself flowers, and honestly just browsing down the aisles of Target sometimes. Finding joyful moments is an easy way to show up for ourselves.

Stop showing up for people who don’t show up for you This seems obvious, right? But I know I’m guilty of pouring into others who don’t pour into me, and nobody has time for that. Set boundaries where you need to so you don’t find yourself giving your energy where it doesn’t belong.

Offer yourself meaningful rest

Think about what type of rest you need right now (mental, physical, spiritual, sensory, etc.) and really lean into how you can give yourself that rest. As I type this post, I’m feeling both physically exhausted and mentally drained. So, I know I need to listen to my body and go to bed at a reasonable time, get back to my daily meditation, and refocus my mind on maintaining peaceful thought patterns.

Reflection questions:

1. How are you making space (and time) to show up for yourself?

2. What does meaningful rest look like in your life?

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