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Self-care is for everyone // my 2020 favorite things

Updated: Mar 7

Think Oprah’s annual favorite things list but a self-care version, that’s what this article is all about! Self-care for me has become not only a necessity, but truly a daily practice in my life. If I could define self-care, I would say this: intentional time with self that’s focused on mindfulness, vulnerability, grace, and ease. A time to replenish the soul with things that bring you joy and fulfill your wants and needs.

This year, more than ever I’ve tried my best to make that intentional time for myself as much as I can. From reading books, to starting the day with a morning meditation - it’s made a huge difference in my mood (even when I wake up grumpy, ha!) and how I go about each day.

So, I’ve created this list of all of my favorite things that have been my saving grace this year. I hope you enjoy and find something new to add to your self-care routine.


More than enough by Elaine Welteroth Part-manifesto, part-memoir as one reviewer calls it, this is one every woman needs to read. The author is the former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, and shares her lessons on race, identity, success and so much as she reminds us that we are more than enough. It’s such an inspiring read and she’s a fantastic storyteller.

What a time to be alone by Chidera Eggerue I read this one last year and it’s easily one of those books you’ll come back to over and over. It’s a short, beautiful, and witty read filled with Nigerian proverbs that will help you navigate why you are already enough using the author's three part approach.

It’s not supposed to be this way by Lysa TerKeurst Lysa TerKeurst is a gem, and this faith-based book walks you through Lysa’s journey of disappointment and heartbreaking circumstances and shows us how to live assured when life doesn't turn out like you expected.

Where to begin by Cleo Wade This beautiful book of mostly poetry is a great short read that’s a good one to keep close when the world seems like it’s falling apart. It reminds us that we all can play a part, big or small, to create the change we want to see.

After the rain by Alex Elle I haven’t started this one yet, but it’s next on my list to start in December! I pretty much read any and everything by Alex Elle, and I’m especially excited about her latest book. It’s part-memoir, part-guide that dives into 15 lessons on how to overcome obstacles, build confidence, and cultivate abundance.

Guided Journals

Michelle Obama’s Becoming Journal Based on Michelle Obama's memoir, this guided journal is filled with deep, thought-provoking questions to help you discover your voice.

Cleo Wade’s Heart Talk Journal This is my favorite journal right now. The weekly journal prompts on self-care, self-love and self-discovery are very approachable to ease into as you start or end your week.

Alex Elle’s Today I Affirm Journal I don’t have this journal myself, but I gifted it to a friend once and it’s beautiful. This is also an easy one for those new to journaling that help you cultivate positive self-talk by writing daily affirmations.

Apps & resources

The Shine App I’ve mentioned this app before in previous posts, but it’s really one of the best things I've found in 2020. To me, it's the best way to start the day - it's also free and was founded by two women of color, so that’s a bonus! I like to set an intention for my day by listening to their short meditations in the morning, and when my racing thoughts are keeping me up at night, their sleep meditations are great as well.

Self-care is for everyone

The inspiration for the title of this post, this online resource of mental health advocates, therapists, and healers was created in 2018 to promote a safe space to discuss everything related to mental health and self-care. Follow their social media for daily positivity, check out their In Gratitude blog, and shop their online store that has everything from sweatshirts to tote bags with self-care reminders printed on them.

IDONTMIND Your mental health is an integral part of self-care. IDONTMIND is a mental health awareness campaign and lifestyle brand working to defeat the stigma around mental health. They are an official program of Mental Health America and 100% of the proceeds from their online shop support this campaign. When you wear IDONTMIND apparel, it’s a reminder to yourself and others that you don’t mind talking about your mental health - a topic we should never stop talking about.

There you have it, a list of all of this year’s favorite things! Remember, self-care is really for everyone and you deserve to make it a priority in your life every day.

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