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Rewriting our story // creating the life we've always dreamed

This idea of rewriting our story came up in a writing practice I’m doing this month, and it’s really perfect timing for the season I’m in of seeking something new in my life. I’ve let fear and self-doubt hold me back a lot over the years, but I’m ready to step into this next chapter with a new attitude and mindset.

Thinking about our paths and the stories that have shaped our lives - the good and the bad - let us remember we are in control of rewriting our narrative and have the power to create the life we want.

So as we close out the year, I want to pose this question to you and myself: are you living the life you've always dreamed? It’s a question that came up during a trip I took with some friends weeks ago, and I've been sitting with it ever since. Obviously I have a lot of life still yet to live to give an adequate answer, but I'm definitely at a place in my life where I'm constantly thinking about my purpose and "what's next" for me on the daily. There aren’t too many things I’ve necessarily “dreamed of” having, but having a family of my own, doing what I love where I feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose (whatever that is), and leaving some kind of impact in the world are the few things I think about the most.

All that to say, rewriting my story right now for me means being more purposeful in my thoughts, actions and experiences; being present and grateful in the stormy seasons; trusting myself more; and truly relying on faith to guide my path. I think when all those things come together, the rest will fall into place.

While I’ve been processing all my thoughts and feelings on this topic, I wrote down two affirmations and posted them on my bedroom mirror:

I can create my own path & savor my unique timeline

Two powerful statements that have really resonated with me. Understanding that things don’t always work out how we planned, in fact sometimes they never do, but not letting that discourage you from creating a new path. And also deciding to savor the process, because nothing blooms overnight.

I’m trying to keep that all in mind when I reflect on all my L’s and a whole lot of no’s I’ve received this year and beyond. Reminding myself to take it one day at a time is what helps me make it through.

So, a few more mantras + affirmations to take with us as 2020 comes to a close:

My purpose is not linear

I will cherish this season I'm in as I prepare for a new pathway

I can choose self-trust over self-doubt

Reflection questions:

What does rewriting your story look like in your life?

How are you living in or redefining your purpose?

What is one negative thought pattern you can leave behind in 2020?

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