• Ashley Turner

Reflecting on turning 28

I turned 28 on the 13th of this month, and I’m feeling all the feels. Something about 28 is hitting all types of different (lol). I’m happy, healthy, and I feel a different kind of peace I haven’t felt in a long time. I know I’m right where I'm supposed to be, and I’m trying my best not to rush God’s plan for my life.

I’m thankful that therapy, reading, and a consistent writing practice played a huge role in my growth over the last year. I’ve learned the importance of truly investing in myself both mentally and spiritually, while also discovering more about myself and the gifts and talents that have been instilled in me.

In particular, guided journaling and participating in several of Alex Elle’s writing courses really helped me to connect with myself on a deeper level. One of Alex's courses was centered around nurturing our inner child and it was one of my favorites of her courses thus far. One of the exercises was to write a sacred letter to self about what you wish you could tell your younger self. I wrote that letter with an early-20-something me in mind, telling her I was proud of the woman she was becoming, and that she was strong and worthy of everything she desired. I also recorded a voice note of me saying the letter out loud and I go back and listen to it every few months. It’s a simple practice, but I’ve learned that the words we speak over ourselves matter.

That’s what I plan on doing more of in year 28. Speaking more life and love into me. Continuing to invest in my wants, needs, and desires and having more fun in the process. Truly living life to the fullest without the worry or self-doubt that I’m not doing enough are my plans for this new chapter.

Cheers to 28!

Reflection questions:

  1. What three things do you wish you could tell your younger self? Write a letter or record a voice note.

  2. How are you nurturing your inner child?

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