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Investing in yourself // Self-trust

It’s been a while! Life has been crazy busy, but since we’re about halfway into the year I wanted to share a few thoughts/reflections and things I’ve been learning about myself this year thus far.

I’ve spent the last year or so really trying to invest in myself and my needs. Saying ‘yes’ to things that fill me up, and ‘no’ to things I don’t have room for. In the process, I’ve seen quite a shift in my mental and emotional well-being. I’m also learning the power of self-trust; we are our own inner expert (as Alex Elle always says), and we should trust that we know what we need and when we need it.

Here are 4 ways I’m investing in myself:

  1. Social media breaks. I talk about this a lot, but I feel it’s necessary to bring it up again. I read something by Cleo Wade recently that was so insightful about how we should show up for ourselves and others offline. You can read her IG post here.

  2. Therapy. We need to continue to end the stigma surrounding mental health and therapy. Going to therapy doesn't equate to something being “wrong with us.” We all have baggage and things to work on and through to be our best selves and there is absolutely no shame in that.

  3. Choosing joy. Maybe it’s cliché, but happiness is a choice. Focusing our time and energy on things that fill us up is so important. I've been keeping a 'moments of joy list' that I add to and check-in with when I need a reminder.

  4. Being creative. For the longest time I was seriously neglecting my creative side. I finally got back into writing consistently and I have a few other passion projects that are in the works. Trust that your gifts, talents, passions, etc. matter and are enough.

An affirmation for us: I deserve to invest in myself.

Reflection questions:

How are you investing in yourself?

How can you practice self-trust?

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