• Ashley Turner

2020 reflection // hope for the future

Dear 2020… what a year! Reflecting on all this year has shown and given me - I’m so grateful to be here. In a year of so much loss, discord and uncertainty in the world, my heart is full for all that I have in this life and the people I get to share it with.

2020 was a wake up call year for me. I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself when things didn't happen the way I wanted them to and start investing my time in doing the things only I could control. I’m thankful that the slowness of this season allowed me to see that in a lot of ways I was holding myself back from all that God has called me to be.

If I could describe the year for me in one word, I would say shift: a slight change in position, direction, or tendency. I like that definition. A slight change in our hearts and minds is sometimes all we need to see things differently and be open to receive something new.

This year I took a chance on myself in a few different ways. I leaned into self-trust, courage and vulnerability which created space for me to discover a new found freedom. Starting this blog was the first step in that journey; writing is my first love and I was neglecting it for so long because of a million and one excuses, so deciding to create a space to share my voice and be my authentic self has been so liberating. And in the process, I landed two really sweet side gigs that align with my passions and future goals which is a huge blessing.

Taking just one step is often more than enough; God will guide our path and lead us the rest of the way. Remembering to slow down, trust the process and myself, and believe that I am worthy of everything I want in life (how I wish I could tell my younger self that) is something I'm holding onto in the new year.

My hopes & prayers for 2021:

That I will choose courage over fear and comfort. That I will be present and cherish every moment and season with ease and grace.

That I will continue to put in the work to be in alignment with my calling and purpose.

I’m hopeful and expectant that 2021 will be just as life-giving as 2020 has been for me. I pray the same for you!

Reflection questions:

What are you releasing to receive in 2021?

How can you better show up for yourself in the new year?

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